"Azərsığorta" offers the insurance product Standard Casco for voluntary insurance of motor vehicles.

This product covers the following sections:

  • damage to the car as a result of autocasco risks
  • civil liability to third parties for damages in respect of bodily injury, death and loss of and /or damage to property arising out of usage of automobile
  • Personal accident insurance of driver and passengers


  • Traffic accident
  • Thrown or dropped (fallen) items
  • Unlawful acts of third party
  • Theft, burglary, robbery and steal
  • Fire and explosion
  • Natural disasters
  • Autocasco – all above mentioned risks
  • Civil liability to third parties
  • Disablement under the group of I, II, III
  • health impairment of children under 18
  • Death

Standard Casco insurance covers vehicles that meet the following requirements:

  • vehicles with manufacture year of 2005 and above
  • intended for personal use
  • taxi, rent a car and other commercial and vehicles not engaged in other commercial activities

You can insure your vehicle against accidents and injuries that may occur to your vehicle by insuring it for 1 year or more based on market value.

A deductible is determined based on the degree of risks.

The insurance premium is determined by applying the established current tariffs to the sum insured.

After carrying out a survey of the car, the motor insurance policy is issued.

To get this insurance product, you may contact the customer service centers of "Azərsığorta" and call the number *1200.  

Motor insurance

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