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The partners in reinsurance field

Even in conditions of stably develops economy the insurance companies be not capable to create the ideally balanced portfolio is brave, as in most cases quantity of objects of insurance small or portfolio contains large and dangerous risks which are bringing in to structure a portfolio elements of a disproportion.

Besides, the practice shows, that any insurance company and in case of careful selection is brave at reception them on insurance, the portfolio of the completely isolated from each other objects of insurance can not create, as by conditions of insurance various dangers usually become covered to which the insured objects can be exposed simultaneously at approach of accidents: floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, fires.

For balance of the insurance sums accepted on insurance is brave, reduction of the potential responsibility on the cumulative insurance sum according to financial opportunities of insured and, hence, for maintenance of financial stability of insurance operations and their profitability, reception of mutual participation in risks accepted on insurance by others , there is an institute of reinsurance.

 With the purposes of geographical distribution insurance is brave also of maximal guarantee of protection of property interests of the clients the State Commercial Insurance Company "AZERSIGORTA" transfers all risks of the portfolio to reinsurance.

The operations on reinsurance are conducted in different areas of insurance with various reinsurance by the Lloyd's brokers groups and insurance companies of  Great Britain, U.S.A., Germany, Sweden, France, Turkey, Iran Islam Republic, Japan and countries of CIS.

Below you can find the foreign companies, with "AZERSIGORTA" has co-operation: Willis, Aon Azeri, Muneh Re, Mercur Assistance, Tokio Marine,  Bimeh Asia, Basak Sigorta, LukOil insurance .

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